Odyssey Pet Urn White

Pearl White Urn with Golden Paws Small 4"= $148 Medium 5"= $168 Large 6"= $188

Pink Odyssey Urn

Pink Odyssey urn with Golden Paws Small 4"= $148 Medium 5"= $168 Large 6"=$188

Pewter Urn Marble, Grey & Sliver

Pewter urn come with Paw print Small 4"=$148 Medium 5"=$168 Large 6"=$188

Cat Urn

Sitting Cat Urn come with Pearl white, Brown & Black $168

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Responsible pet crematoriums uphold thorough operating policies and procedures to provide the highest level of service and ensure your pet is handled with care and respect. We are the first to introduce standard cremation services in 1987, recognised and approved by NEA. We operate sets of Chambered Pet Cremation Incinerators that provide smokeless and odourless cremation. Our larger incinerator loads a capacity of up to 700 kg

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